It all starts with the user’s journey

Great user journeys involve design thinking and focus on solving real customer problems and creating simplified experiences that excite the user.

UI + Micro Experiences

I have often created interactions that will help guide users through and experience as well as providing ability for needed functionality, also making these interactions simple and delightful.

From Mockup to High Fidelity

The best design decisions start with testing concepts early and often. Starting with simple wireframes and low fidelity mockups to test with users to gather data that will inform the best direction to move forward.

Simple help chat experience

Sometimes problems can be solved with the simplest experience. Here we are trying to accomplish a few goals. Help customers get more familiar with a new available help resource, get customers answers to their questions faster while trying to reduce the number of calls using a conversation flow that would drive customers to help articles first.

Tools for Marketers

Infusionsoft helps small business organize their work and deliver personalized followup to their clients. Much of the experience is delivered in providing tools for them to followup with leads, convert them to customers and close deals.